About Gareth…

Having worked with small and large businesses for over 20 years, Gareth is now using this experience to help the owners of small and medium sized businesses to deliver improved profits, create more productive teams and spend fewer hours in their business.

Gareth started his career in the pharmaceutical industry, first as a scientist before entering management.  He joined the industry at a time when it was booming, but during a seventeen year career, it faced signifi­cant challenges due to escalating R&D costs, barriers to market and increasingly litigious consumers.  As a result, he was involved in managing various radical organisational changes over the years.

Change may be the one constant factor in business.  To succeed we need to be constantly adapting to the changing economic cycle, consumer trends, our com­petitors, technology and management practices.  Gareth’s experience of managing such change is invaluable to business owners wishing to unleash the full potential in their business in an ever changing environment.

Most of Gareth’s career has been spent in corporate man­agement roles, leading both local and global teams. He understands the importance of communication be­tween the various teams and functions in a business.  More recently, as a business owner, he has gained an appreciation of the difficulties in separating the vari­ous roles in a business and the stresses that may bring.

The greatest successes in Gareth’s career have been in de­veloping processes to improve efficiency or quality and coaching team members to develop their skills. His success in these areas has often been derived from his ability to make connections between uncon­nected information, to identify the root causes of problems and create novel ways of solving them. As your coach, he will combine these skills and exper­tise to help you grow your business.

What’s in it for you ?

Every business and every business owner is different, so Gareth will help you to develop bespoke solutions based on your needs and hundreds of tried and tested strate­gies.  The ActionCOACH organisation, with over 1000 coaches worldwide has established a wealth of business knowledge relevant to most business sectors, all of which is readily available for him to help you.

Every change you make in your business will be tested before it is fully implemented to ensure that only the most effective changes are retained to make your business more efficient and more profitable. This methodical approach doesn’t mean that the changes will be complicated or difficult to implement because Gareth firmly believes that the most effective outcomes are ob­tained from the simplest possible strategies.

So if you are feeling there must be a better way to run your business to achieve the aspirations you had when you started out in business, then Gareth can help you de­liver the changes necessary to make it happen.  He can work with you to identify what’s preventing you from realising the full potential of your business and sug­gest practical ways to resolve those issues.  Over time you will work together to achieve improved profitability and a better work/life balance. ActionCOACH business coaches have been doing this for over 18 years and we can help you to do it too.