How about this for a Guarantee?

My last post was about why you need a guarantee and how to write one.  And today I came across this guarantee offered by an estate agent.  Funny how the world works isn’t it…

Anyway this particular company guaranteed their customers that they could negotiate their fees down – even completely eliminate them – if they felt they didn’t receive full value for their money.

Can you imagine which of your competitors would go bust very quickly if they offered such a guarantee?

How many processes would you need to change in your business to be able to offer such a guarantee?

Do you think you would attract more customers if you offered such a guarantee?

This kind of guarantee could apply in any number of service industries.  For example, I have recently had dealings with a number of national and regional business brokers, and I can speak from first hand experience that many would go bust very quickly if they offered a guarantee like this.

Which means there is a huge opportunity for a business brokerage firm to take over the market if they can find a way to offer clients such amazing service that they could offer a value based negotiable fee.  Now given that only 22% of businesses listed for sale in the UK are actually sold, that would be a huge undertaking, but imagine the opportunity…

Let me know if you decide to offer a guarantee like this, or even better if you already do. I’d love to know how well it works for you…

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