How Can I Get More Clients?

I was asked the other day by a business owner how they could get more clients. They were struggling to bring in new leads, just getting by with a few referrals. His main marketing media was out-bound emails to prospects.

The problem with such an open question is the response will often end up being quite generic. However a quick look at his website also yielded some clues as to why his email campaigns might not be working.

The first piece of advice was to do more: letters, flyers, networking. Just relying on email campaigns is not enough. Even it it was working well, this wouldn’t be enough, just in case it stopped working so well. However, in this case, it wasn’t working, so needed to redesign his email strategy and think about which other marketing media he would use.

However, before deciding on that he needed to rethink the message he was giving his customers. His website revealed lots of insights about the company’s technology, processes, innovative ideas, expertise and flexibility. However, none of this was written in a way that:

a). allowed the reader to know it was them that was being talked to

b). what need of theirs was being addressed

c). or how this need would be addressed.

This was being repeated in his email campaigns. So he needed to update his website as well as his emails.  The questions he needed to ask were:

  1. Who is his target market? He needs to be as specific as possible. What problems do they have that his product or service solves?
  2. What does his target market want and why? What specific services will he offer them and how will they use it? How will they know they need it?
  3. What does his product or service do for his target customers? So, let’s say he makes websites. His customers aren’t buying a website. They are buying a “place” to sell things, or a resource to help their customers decide whether to buy from them, etc.
  4. Why would they buy from him?

His website had some testimonials that described the great experience they had working with him. This is fantastic but it gave no clues as to why they decided to buy from him in the first place. Why him and not someone else? How did he help them to overcome any fears of using him instead of their current or previous provider? He’s going to ask them to answer these questions.

The more focused his image of his target market, the easier it will be for him to decide what the benefits are for that group and to craft his email and other marketing campaigns accordingly. So instead of sending out email blasts to thousands of random people, he can send out a smaller number within a defined target market that he can talk to specifically about the benefits of his service to them.

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